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At the forefront of corporate circular economy, sustainability, recycling, and entrepreneurship, we boast a strong track record of driving meaningful change. While some projects remain confidential due to NDAs, our portfolio spans consulting, project development, implementation, partnerships, cooperations, pro bono work, lecturing, workshops, and trainings. Embracing the collaborative spirit embodied in Microsoft’s motto #bettertogether, we believe in the collective effort needed to pave the way for a sustainable future.


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By now I found a way to define and sum up my values: 3FN. It is an abbreviation for the following: FIT FREI FAMILIE NACHHALTIG. What it means I will explain shortly. Keeping this three letters (one number and two letters) in mind helps me make better decisions and I try to think of them as often as possible. So this probably says a lot about me. If you want to know more details, you will find more here.

FIT means to be flexible and active in mind and body.

FREI is German for “free” and means also independence. Of course dependance can also be a good thing f.e. having family and children. FREI in this context is about having the means  to go for the things you want to. My personal experience ist that everyone already has a certain amount of independence. The difficult part is to figure out what we want to do with it.

FAMILY and FRIENDS make life much more joyful.

NACHHALTIG is German for “sustainable”. Not only related to environment NACHHALTIGKEIT is an important way of doing things. Also in every day life it pays off to think about what you are going to do and assess your action upfront, if it will lead long term to the desired outcome. Easier said than done ..

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